How to bet: How to improve on betting

You will probably never have thought that the amount you bet on your bets is actually more important than your own betting options. Most betting players, while spending a lot of time studying competitions and games, are very “shallow” to the way they bet. We can perceive the effectiveness of different betting systems by making different simulations with a 55% probability of success. The initial bet with each method will be set at € 100 (except for the method where you bet our entire stock each time with an initial stake of € 1,000, which is our total cash). Our simulation is done by any method up to the 500th bet, as long as it is not completely lost. The result of this very interesting experiment shows us how a betting system is incomparably more efficient than others, while another proves to be very inefficient very quickly. The 5 systems we tested were the following:


Strategy 1: Stake of all the capital, each time

We bet all our capital on every bet. The advantage is that the potential profit is very high and it comes quickly. The negative; As soon as we lose once, we just get stuck and the game is over.


Strategy 2: Fixed Stake

We bet on a fixed amount on each bet and we do not differentiate it as much as we can win. In this example, our bet was set at 100 euros. If the probability of winning is 55%, that means we dramatically reduce the chances we have to lose all our capital. Unfortunately, our profits are greatly reduced and increasing slowly but steadily.


Strategy 3: Martingale

We bet twice after each failed bet so that in the next bet we can make a profit and cover everything we’ve lost before. This process offers us more growth than fixed bets (as we double to cover losses). However, if there are consistent failures, bets continue to double and reach enormous levels to cover losses.


Strategy 4: Fibonacci

We increase our bets according to the Fibonacci sequence to cover the losses with the winnings of the next bet. This method has similar drawbacks to the Martingale method in sports betting, but the amounts we place on successively failed bets increase at a lower rate, meaning that profit levels are reduced accordingly.


Strategy 5: Percentage stake

We stake a percentage of our capital, which is proportional to our advantage. In this simulation, we used the Kelly Progressive Bet criterion. With this method, we basically bet the percentage of our advantage for betting performance. In this case, as our advantage is 10% and the returns are the same, then 10/1 = 10 is obtained. Therefore, 10% of the 1000 euro is 100 euros. If this bet is successful, the next bet is € 110 because now it is 10% of our total money raised to € 1100 and so on. This means that our winnings are rising more than our fixed bet and our losses are also slowing down.


Which strategy is better?

As you may understand from the above descriptions, the percentage bet seems to be superior to the others. Think your capital has fallen to 100 euros after many failed results. You will then bet 10 euros and even less if you lose again, staying in the game much more than the stake with a certain amount, where 100 euros would be the last bet. Staking all of your chips at once gives you tremendous profits from the first bet, but its risk is huge and the probability of 1000 bets with a 55% profit is so small that it is virtually impossible to make it happen. Of course, if ever (we say now) you will find yourself with € 67 million in your pocket until just 27 bet. Fibonacci and Martingale are progressive betting systems. These systems usually start very loud but a large number of bets end up at 0. In our simulation in the 83 in a row we lost 11 times in a row. This type of defeat simply eliminates our capital with the Fibonacci and Martingale methods and in theory, after 11 losses in a row, with the Martingale system we have to bet 403,000 euros just to get the losers back. The amount is enormous if we imagine that by this point we would not have been able to exceed the EUR 6,300 as earned capital. For Fibonacci, the maximum bet would be EUR 33,500 at the moment, with our capital up to EUR 4,100 before we lose it all. The only system beyond the percentage bet that ultimately seems to prevent us from losing our capital is the one with the specific amount of stakes, which is slow but produces steady profits. By the 83th bet, we had raised our funds to 3,400 euros and then dropped to only 2,300 euros. It was not zeroed as in the other cases and then rebounded. The series of 11 losers was a major blow to the system with the percentage stake in which the fund fell from EUR 7,359 to 2,286, lower than the fixed stake. This shows how well our profits ensure the fixed bet. However, up to 500 betting, the fixed bet method had reached , while the stake stood at € 18,275. Bettors should note that all of the above is based on the fact that the betting advantage is in our favor without the results of all betting methods changing dramatically.


By supporting your betting method

The above simulation, which we have analyzed, shows that the choice of the betting method we use has a tremendous effect on the outcome, even if all other variables remain the same. The distance between 0 and the win of € 18,275 after 500 bets is consistently due to choosing the right betting system. It is important, however, to remember that there is no “ideal” system. Although the Kelley Criteria method worked in the example above, there may be more sophisticated systems for different types of bets. It’s important to find out which betting method is right for him. Note that the Kelly Criteria works only if we know the advantage we have because this particular data is used to calculate each of our bets. If we calculate wrongly our advantage, we will face many difficulties.



Strategies and Tips for Profitable Live Betting

Live Betting is now the most widespread and at the same time “hard” form of betting. In recent years, more and more players are preferred, initially because there are big betting opportunities there, and because it creates strong emotions and raises adrenaline vertically. Of course, legitimate betting companies and the Live Streaming service,which most of them have, played an important role in the spread of Live Betting.


But the point is how we earn on Live Betting. Below you will see some tips to help you put things in a row.


Initially, you should choose the company that best suits your tastes and requirements, while serving your purposes. The company you choose to play in, should have a simple and easy-to-use platform so you do not have difficulty finding what you are looking for. You also have to watch Live Streaming to keep track of the developments in your games and be ready either to cash out or to “snap” another chance you will meet.


An equally important factor in choosing a company is how many available markets it has in a Live event. The more the markets are, the more options are for the player.


But having a look at what you are playing is not the only advantage that Live Betting and Live Streaming give you. It also offers intense moments of action, lets you choose the odds on which to place a bet, as well as giving you the right to become more flexible in your betting strategy.


But let’s take a look at what we mean


By betting on a game in progress, you feel like you are participating in the game. You feel strongly disappointed with a missed opportunity or the satisfaction of a goal. Generally, you have strong emotions that hit “red”. But that is exactly the point that you should give special attention to. All of us have been dragged by intense emotions at some point, so we’re “paying” it, and indeed expensive. Because there are many games in the live betting game, it is possible that you can bind a large part of your capital in a short period of time without even understanding it. This guarantees the risk of a series of missed choices. Live betting requires absolute calm and clear mind to be one step ahead of the developments and to see the opportunities that emerge.


We pass on the odds


Here things are a little clearer. Depending on where you see a race you are watching, you will see how odds are changing and fluctuating. For example, you see a match that is 0-0 and you want to bet on Over 0.5. In the 75th of the match will be given 2.00 and the 88th of the match will be given at 5.00. It is up to you to find the point at which performance is covered. Of course, choosing a bit of patience to get higher odds, there is a risk of getting the goal and not playing the bet you want. If this happens to you, do not be discouraged. Dealing with live betting has these “crooks” often dense, so you should be accustomed to it.


Use Live Betting to “cover up”

If you are not the type of player who will sit for hours in front of a screen to watch matches, you must still use live betting to cover pre-game bets that you have placed. There are many instances where you have played a ticket and you will “close” with an ace. Let’s say the game you’re waiting for is 1-0 at 80 ‘and you’re almost paid. At that point you can bet on a high performance to score a goal by the opposing team, so you can win on both occasions. Either the Ace remains, or the game becomes 1-1. There is, of course, his “crazy” scenario of making the match 1-1 and then the hosts again scoring. There we are talking about a betting party, as you will be paid both for the cover and for your basic bet.


Strategy on Live Betting


Here, we can not say a lot, because the market-by-market strategy varies. Another strategy will be for bets on goals and another for bets on the corner of the game. Generally, however, there are some rules where they should not be violated. Let’s go see them in detail.


1) Few and Metered Bets: There are many available games at any moment of the day in Live Betting. This, of course, does not mean you have to bet on each one of them. Keep track of games without losing betting unnecessarily and without limit. But once you find a chance, then “hit” without a second thought.


2) Choose game style: As we have just mentioned, the available markets are too many in almost all games. Betting on a subsequent goal, corners, cards or anything else is yours. Just when you end up in the market that you like, make sure you make your game to the fullest. You can become the “guru” of a particular market, as long as you keep track of it closely and without being easily dragged.


3) Statistics: Statistics and live betting have a direct relationship. For example, you need to know how a team reacts when it receives goals in front of its audience. So the next time you see this happening you will know what the bet to place.


4) It is forbidden to hunt for the “wretch”: The biggest mistake anyone can make in Live Betting is to hurriedly get back the money he has lost in a previous bet. Thus, it ends up playing large amounts, which will empty the bud of the blinking eye.


The instinct

All the above are tips, but they are useless if the instinct is missing from the player. By gaining the right experience, you will see how instinct is connected with logic and creates the perfect “gun” for a betting player. It is the moment when the average player gets up and becomes a good betting player.

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